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More About Me

Still have a couple questions about me?

I’m a spiritual misfit, an abundance cultivator and a wounded healer who uses holotropic breathwork and holistic life coaching to guide others on their journey from coping to healing to thriving.

My professional experience includes decades of holding space and working with grief. As an unusual side gig, I’ve spent a number of years officiating funerals.

To get a bit more personal, my own journey demanded I overcome childhood abuse, emotional neglect, and bullying; adult domestic violence; and letting go of the compulsive behaviors I spent years using as coping mechanisms.

Today, I bring a generative masculine presence to every session. For breathwork, I carefully crafts playlists so the lyrics and sounds weave together to form a cohesive narrative, and I follow each session with immediate and ongoing integration through coaching.

I particularly enjoy working with men who want to reimagine masculinity but aren’t sure how, women who would benefit from a healing masculine presence, and those feeling stuck in their journey. As someone who has a background that includes religious trauma, I am also happy to walk with you through a spiritual deconstruction and reconstruction. You can read about my own faith wrestlings at my site, Abundance Reconstructed.

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