At THRIV3 we believe that the path to human thriving means nurturing all of you, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The resources on this page are designed to support your growth.

When possible, the links are affiliate which means we receive a small commission with a purchase. Some of them will also provide you with a discount.

It is important to note that I do not recommend anything I do not personally use or regularly reference.

Top Resources

Monk Manual

The Monk Manual is a planner that cultivates intention, gratitude, and awareness. Use the link for 15% off.

Monk Manual

Wild Mind

This is the most accessible, thorough, and insightful invitation to explore and heal the human psyche.


Understanding Saturn’s Shadow

This book provides one of the central images I use in Manhood Reimagined. While written for men, it was originally suggested to me by a woman who said it allowed her to help heal her “man issues.”


One of the things that hurt me most in this life was looking to someone else, especially a woman, as an answer to my struggles. Through this book, Robert Johnson reframed my thoughts around romantic love.


The Feeling Wheel

When I’m not sure how I feel, I break out the feeling wheel and, starting from the center, work my way out until I can name the emotion I am experiencing.

Eastern Body, Western Mind

While The Feeling Wheel often gets me started, this book helps me take things to another level. I will ask myself where in my body am I feeling an emotion, and then turn to this breakdown of the chakra system to further explore what might be happening inside me.



Life’s busy and sometimes you just need easy meals but you don’t want to sacrifice nutritional value. Enter Huel. Use the link and get $15 off.


Whether juicing, blending, or making a salad, Gardyn provides fresh produce year round. Leaving town for a bit, the AI offers a vacation mode to slow down plant growth. Save $100 with the code THRIV3.

Xero Shoes

Stronger feet, better balance, enhanced proprioception, and a natural body alignment all from changing your shoes. Yes, Xero Shoes do all of that.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

While there are complementary books for women and couples, this book from Mantak Chia was an essential tool in me learning how to work with my sacral energy, not only allowing me to become a better lover, but to transmute that energy to serve me throughout life.


Tao Te Ching

This Chinese text from around 400 BCE lays out what I believe the Apostle John means when he writes about the Word/Logos that became flesh in John 1. The Logos is Greek refers to an underlying foundation or architecture for life.

The Challenge To Love

This single essay from one of the lesser known books of Henri Nouwen offers a framework for making sense of life that, for me, changed everything.

Recovering the Scandal of the Cross

I still deeply value the Jesus story. The problem is, the Jesus story told by most Christian churches today, is foreign to the New Testament. This book explores that reality.

Love Poems from God

The mystical traditions that rise up from various faith traditions have more in common with each other than they do the traditions the grew from. This book of poetry is a testament to that fact.