Why should you consider holistic life coaching? Let’s face it, life is hard.

This difficulty first hits us as children. Whether there is actual neglect or simply a perceived wound, we all find ourselves adapting to the world as we experience it, and, more often than not, these adaptations (or coping mechanisms) that help us get through childhood fail to serve us as adults.

Perhaps we find ourselves conforming to the status quo rather than expressing our authentic selves. Or maybe we find ourselves forever feeling ripped off and angry because life denied us our basic needs.

Then again we might move through the world wanting to burn everything down rather than advocate for something good. Others will barely live in a place of disempowered defeat.

Whatever the case, all of us are somewhere on a life journey that starts with coping and, if we choose, can move on to healing and ultimately thriving. Helping us navigate that journey is where Holistic Life Coaching comes in.

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Holistic life coaching to help you thrive.
Holistic life coaching to help you thrive.

What Is Holistic Life Coaching?

So what exactly is it that we will do together? Let’s break it down.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a client-centered practice that believes you have the answers that will move you along life’s journey. Sometimes the challenge is that you don’t trust yourself to have the answers. At other times, it’s that you don’t know the right questions to ask.

As a coach, I will not come with solutions, but the awareness-evolving questions that help you listen to that voice within and discover what you need for the next step in your journey. With each step, you will gain more confidence in yourself and learn to trust that, once you know the question, you do have the answers.

Each week this will involve examining life as it is, envisioning life as you would like it to be, and identifying how you want to embody your ideal life. Typically, one week will build on the next and compound to help you fulfill a much larger goal that we will set at the beginning of our time together.

What Makes Holistic Life Coaching Different?

holistic life coach certification

While a lot of coaching focuses on externals, a holistic approach to life coaching focuses on you … all of you. That means we look at your heart, body, mind, and soul. I have come to learn that as we transform our inner world, our external experience changes as well.

As a bonus, this means that, in time, you will find yourself less and less impacted by uncontrollable circumstances and more empowered to live well no matter what happens around you.

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Duration and Format

I offer two coaching packages:

  • 12 30-minute sessions of weekly coaching over three months
  • 24 30-minute sessions of weekly coaching over six months

Either way, our first session will set the stage for the overarching goal of our time together. This might be to explore something specific that you are struggling with, be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, or it might be to look at all four realms of your life. Some clients want to explore a specific area of their life like work-life balance or parenting, while others are seeking that one thing that will move their life forward.

Each session is 30 minutes and is loosely broken down into three 10-minute phases.

  • In the first, we will examine an aspect of your life you want to focus on.
  • In the second, we will envision how you want things to be, whether it is something different or more of what you already have.
  • Finally, we will put a tangible plan in place to help you embody life as you want it.

Sessions are almost always conducted on Zoom, although an in-person option is available for those who are in the Denver metro area.

Coaching vs. Therapy

It is important to note that coaching and therapy are not the same thing. Therapy looks at the past and focuses on addressing what happened to us. Coaching imagines the future and helps us figure out how to get there.

This doesn’t mean the coaching ignores what happened, but places greater importance on our response over the event itself. It also means that if there is an event from your life that is too painful to move past, I will encourage you to find a good therapist as either a compliment to coaching or something to do before we continue coaching.

That said, as someone who did therapy for years, I found that while therapy explained my present, it never helped me move into the future. Rather, I struggled to be more than a victim of circumstance. It was being part of a group of men who coached me that changed everything.

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I am certified through the Holistic Coach Training Institute.

Holistic Life Coach Certification for Joe Burnham


While my certification says that I am trained in holistic life coaching, I believe qualifications highlight a different set of qualities that move beyond mere education. Here I believe there are two broad categories. One is my story and the other is what drives me.

My Story

While I go into far more detail on my about page, my life is very much a story of moving from coping to healing to thriving. That means there were many years where the story wasn’t pretty. From a childhood of people pleasing to a young adulthood where I lived two lives, a public one that projected one image and a private life that embodied another, my story is often ugly and hurt those who dared to get close to me.

Now if holistic life coaching was about knowing exactly what to do and how to do it, and if I claimed to be here to tell you how to live your life then I would not be very qualified as a coach. But that isn’t what holistic life coaching is all about.

The other part of my story is the long, slow, and often painful deep dive I took into my psyche. It is about the hard questions I asked myself and moving from a place of self-hatred to one of self-acceptance. Ultimately, this allowed me to move into a place of thriving.

All of that means that no matter where you find yourself, I’ve been there and can approach you without judgment. It also means that I am relentlessly redemptive and believe it’s never too late to find yourself or the life you’re longing for.

What Drives Me

The Motivation Code is a personality assessment designed to identify what drives your behavior. Here are my key results:

Holistic Life Coach Joe Burnham’s Motivation Code

Notice how none of my results are really about me? Instead, what drives me is making a difference in the lives of the people around me. This is as true in my work life as it is in my family life as it is in my engagement with my broader community. It even shapes how I vote. So imagine having someone like that in your corner. Isn’t that the kind of holistic life coaching you are looking for? If so, it’s time to schedule a complimentary discovery call or purchase a coaching package today:

Holistic Life Coaching

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Holistic Life Coaching helps you move along the continuum from coping to healing to thriving by nurturing your heart, body, mind, and soul. Find out more or schedule a complimentary discovery call today.


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