Masculinity in the 21st Century stands on unfamiliar terrain and men’s role feels uncertain. Manhood Reimagined invites us to rethink the manhood journey and lays out a path for any man to thrive. Pre-order today and receive a download code when it is released.

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What makes a man? Men ranging from Jordan Peterson to Andrew Tate to Joe Rogan are pressing this question into the public discourse. Feminists respond with accusations of toxicity and the duality is established. But somewhere between these two polls is the simple reality that men, for an array of reasons, are struggling. As YouTube commentator ShoeOnHead asks, “Did we fail men?”

While some might not care that men are hurting, the reality remains that when men suffer, so do women and children, a point Richard Reeves repeatedly turns to in, “Of Boys and Men” (affiliate), so it is in all our best interest that we address the manhood crisis.

This is why I am developing Manhood Reimagined, a resource that will not only cast a positive vision of manhood for the 21st Century and beyond but also help guide men along the way.

What is Manhood?

At its foundation, Manhood Reimagined rejects the notion that there is a clear cross-cultural image of manhood that transcends time and space. You do not journey to manhood, rather, manhood is the journey from boyhood. This journey is one where you learn to:

  • Honoring your biology while
  • growing beyond cultural expectations,
  • overcoming cultural obstacles, and
  • healing your psyche, to
  • discover your most authentic self and
  • use your gifts to serve the world.

When complete, this ebook will not only lay out why I believe this but also guide men on their own journey from boyhood. While the ebook will stand on its own, for those men who desire a deeper experience, you can integrate the content through psychedelic breathwork or holistic life coaching.

Join the Conversation

While I have some clear ideas on what will make up this ebook, I am open to refining my thoughts and would like your input. In other words, Manhood Reimagined isn’t just my project, it’s there for anyone who wants to contribute thoughts, perspectives, ideas, or wisdom.

You can add your voice via the Manhood Reimagined Substack page.


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